23% of people in Illinois are drinking while working from home, says one study

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WIFR) -- One study shows the percentage of people in each state who admit to drinking while working from home. This is becoming more prevalent every day as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Alcohol.org​ conducted a study of 3,000 employees that are currently working from home across the country to see how their offices are set up as an excuse to drink.

23% of respondents in Illinois admitted to drinking as a whole while working from home. Residents of Hawaii (67%) are the most likely to drink at home while working, while residents of Arkansas at 8% are the least likely to drink.

For the entire country, beer is the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage that people are drinking while working from home with 38% of Americans surveyed saying just that. This is followed by cocktails at 26%, wine at 21% and spirits straight at 15%.

In addition. 35% of Americans surveyed say they are likely to drink more alcohol while in self isolation at home. Stockpiling is also very prevalent while in isolation, as 22% of Americans surveyed saying they have done just that to prep for staying at home.

Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, chief medical officer of American Addiction Centers said if you find yourself or anyone in your household reached for the bottle as a coping mechanism too often, it can be cause for concern, especially amid the current circumstances.

“These are stressful times as many employees struggle with having to adapt to a home working environment, in which distractions are abundant and alcohol may seem like a good solution,” Weinstein said. “There are a number of accessible online resources available if you suspect substance addiction, such as support helplines, chatrooms and forums.”