2019 USQRA Nationals take over Rockford

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR)--- For the first time Rockford is home to the U.S Quad Rugby Association National Championship Tournament, bringing 16 teams from all over the country to compete for the national title.

This year the Oscar Mike foundation is hosting the tournament and also competing with the only team in the country fully comprised of veterans.

In teams of four players, the goal is to get the ball through the cones.

"It's the only wheelchair sport like it, and it's high impact, it's high energy, a lot of big hits," says Noah Currier, founder of the Oscar Mike foundation.

But even the hardest hits don't steer players of all ages away from the love of the game.

"I was nine, I started, I was watching them at a convention center and I went 'hey that looks fun'," says 11 year-old Talon Teague.

The championship is returning for the next two years and will continue to be held at the UW Health Sports Factory.