20-year-old Rockford man reflects on weight-loss journey

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- A young Rockford man fulfilled a big New Year's resolution from 2018 and hopes to keep building on it in 2019.

Ethan Taylor, 20, has lost more than 130 pounds since January 2018. Taylor says he wanted to make a chance after noticing how his weight and unhealthy habits took a toll on his life.

Taylor says in a Facebook post​ he decided to change his life forever and embark on a weight-loss journey on Jan. 8, 2018. He later met with 'Food 4 Fuel' owner Jim McIlroy to develop a plan to improve his life.

"I've just been working hard eating right, helping out in the kitchen, helping out with people who have similar goals and just trying to lose as much as possible," Taylor said.

McIlroy says Taylor's journey has made a difference to the Rockford community.

"He wanted to be inspiring to other people in our community, and he's done that in a big way too," McIlroy said. "We want to find more people like Ethan that we can help on their journey because he has inspired so many people in this last year."

'Food 4 Fuel' serves healthy pre-made meals to help health-conscious people in the community. McIlroy hopes 'Food 4 Fuel' helps Rockford and surrounding towns become a top 25 healthiest place to live by 2025.

For more information on 'Food 4 Fuel' and its mission, click here​.