11-year-old girl asks for animal supplies to donate to a shelter for her birthday

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OREGON, Ill. (WIFR) -- Usually 11-year-old girls ask for toys or clothes for their birthday, but one little girl wanted to use her birthday as a way to help animals in need.

For Olivia Wade's 11th birthday party she requested something a little different. Rather than having her guests bring her gifts, she requested her friends bring dog food, cleaning and office supplies to donate to Granny Rose Animal Shelter. Wade says she wanted to give back to something she loves to make a difference.

"I was really happy about that. I was really happy that a lot of people came too and I was happy that animals were getting what they needed and that they could live longer because I love animals so I was happy that people brought things,” said 11-year-old Olivia Wade.

Wade says she wants to continue giving back to those in need and hopes to make this an annual event.