Ways to avoid losing your temper with your children

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A recent study shows 60 percent of parents surveyed said that having enough patience is at the top of the list for what they would like to do a better job of.

Forty-two percent said they would like to not yell as much and would welcome advice on how to better deal with their emotions.

Claire Lerner, Senior Parenting Advisor at Zero to Three says, “Feelings are never the problem. It’s what we, us as adults and parents and kids, it’s what we all do with our feelings that can become problematic. So it’s really managing our own emotions in a way that doesn’t get in the way of our child’s healthy development, and also at the same time teaching our young children to manage their emotions. One of the most powerful ways we do that is by modeling it."

Zero to Three recommends these strategies to help:

  • Tune in to your feelings: don’t look at them as right or wrong, but acknowledge your own triggers.
  • Do the unexpected: when your impulse is to yell, give a big hug or do something silly like singing and dancing instead.
  • Give yourself a time out: if you’re losing your cool make sure your child is in a safe place and give yourself a minute or two to calm down.

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