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Hi! I'm 23 News Anchor Andy Gannon. Thanks for checking up on me. First, the fun stuff. I used to have brown hair. I still have hair and one wife and a couple kids and one dog. The wife's name is Wendy. She is a Rockford native and a Guilford High School graduate. My daughter is Kelley. Her brother is Corey. Our dog is Payton. That's the Gannon clan. We added a son-in-law, Joe, in 2010. And yes, Payton is named after the late great Chicago Bear running back who died shortly before Payton joined our family.

While I am not a Bears fan, I have much respect for the style, the hard work and sense of humor Walter Payton displayed both on and off the field. I should point out. I have a mixed marriage. My wife--the Rockford native--and my son are Bear fans. Me--a native of Wisconsin--and my daughter are Packer fans.

Now, on to the boring stuff. As previously mentioned, I grew up in Wisconsin. I was born and raised in the Milwaukee suburb of Brown Deer. I was active in drama, forensics, track, cross country, choir...a bunch of stuff. I also served as a manager for the Brown Deer Falcons football and basketball teams. From there, it was off to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, too, I worked as a manager for the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team. I also attended a class or two. I got to enough classes to get an honors degree in Broadcast Journalism and a BS degree in Political Science. Shortly after graduation, my meteoric rise to national fame and fortune began at 23 WIFR in February of 1983. I started as a weekend sports anchor. Moved up to Sports Director in the mid-80's and then in the mid-90's moved to 23 News This Morning. That meteoric rise has pretty much fizzled...but your know what...that's fine with me.

Back to the good stuff. I like to golf. I used to bowl and still talk a pretty good game. I'm a Rotissiere Baseball "weenie" and I have what borders on an unhealthy relationship with the ESPN family of networks. I moonlight for ESPN Radio 1380AM co-hosting a nightly sports talk show and doing play-by-play for Hononegah H.S. football and basketball teams.

I have been involved in a number of charitable/non-for-profit organizations over the years. I serve my church as the lay treasurer, communications director and lowest bass in the choir. I have also been an active participant in our church's annual Corn Boil. The Rockford area has and continues to be good to me. Hopefully, I've been good to it.