Ashley Antonini

Multimedia Journalist

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Growing up in Pekin, Illinois – a “small town surround by a lot of corn” – gave Ashley Antonini the chance to hone her skills as a journalist by listening to the stories of people she interacted with every day.

By the time she was ready to attend Illinois State University, she jumped feet first into its journalism program. Ashley graduated in May 2019 and started at 23 WIFR a month later.

“I love interacting with people and being a mouthpiece for the community around me,” she said. “Luckily, as a journalist, you get to do both. You are always being challenged. You are not really working for yourself, you are working for your community. It is a huge responsibility, but a very important one.”

Ashley also takes any chance she can get to be active and be outside, spending quality time with her loved ones. She says she wouldn’t be where she is without her family’s support, encouragement and unconditional love.

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: Where I went to school, I was heavily involved in campus media. The classmates I had there were some of the most hardworking, driven individuals I have met. I am so inspired by all of them, especially seeing all of their accomplishments post-graduation. I am very fortunate to have grown and worked alongside them.

FAVORITE DRINK: I love sweet tea, I definitely drink too much of it.

FAVORITE DINNER ENTREE: My mother's homemade steak kabobs, by far!

FAVORITE DESSERT: I love cheesecake, especially from The Cheesecake Factory.

FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Christmas, for sure. I am a huge sucker for Christmas music and excessive decorating. I also love that I get to spend time with my family and eat (way too much) homemade food.

FAVORITE SEASON: I love spring. I love to see the flowers bloom and feel the warm spring air. The season is very refreshing, and much needed after long, cold winters.

FAVORITE SPORT: My favorite sport to play is softball. I used to play in high school. However, I love to watch football! Go Bears!

FAVORITE MOVIES: "Gone with the Wind," "Black Swan," "Moana."

FAVORITE BOOK: "Gone with the Wind" doubles as my favorite movie and favorite book! (I'm a huge nerd.)

MOST DARING FEAT: Moving to a completely different city, where I know no one, to work for the lovely station we know as 23 News!