Elaine Rojas-Castillo

Multimedia Journalist

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Growing up as the daughter of a journalist sparked Elaine’s love for the profession, and studying abroad in Paris through Trinity College in Connecticut, solidified it for her.

After graduating with a degree in political science, the Chicago native returned home to attend Columbia College and earn her master’s degree in journalism.

Elaine joined 23 WIFR in October 2018 as a multimedia journalist. She says her favorite part of the job is never doing the same thing twice; every story is unique. Elaine also feels journalists play a valuable role in society.

“Representing the voice of the viewer – giving them the platform to ask the tough questions of their leaders and fellow community members. Without journalism, the dialogue wouldn’t exist.”

As a fellow journalist, her mom is the person who has had the biggest influence on her life and guides every step that Elaine takes.

“Without my family, I genuinely don’t know what I would do or where I would be. They are my everything.”

Outside of work, Elaine likes to read, knit/crochet, check out new restaurants, perform karaoke and travel.

SURPRISING FACT ABOUT YOU: : I can speak three languages fluently (English, Spanish, French – conversational in Italian) and am learning three more (Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese).

FAVORITE DRINK: Pink lemonade



FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Christmas! All of my best memories growing up are around the holidays – the music, the snow, everything!

FAVORITE SEASON: Fall – I’m a September baby and love the weather and leaves changing. I can’t get enough!

FAVORITE SPORT: Baseball – go Cubs!

FAVORITE MOVIES: "Matilda," "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" and "Father of the Bride"

FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: "Matilda" by Roald Dahl. It was the first chapter book I read, I auditioned for the movie and any time I see the book at the bookstore, I buy a new copy.

MOST DARING THING YOU'VE DONE: I moved to Los Angeles the week after my 25th birthday - with all my savings and without knowing anyone - to chase my dream of entertainment reporting. I quickly found my heart was in hard news and made my way back home. But, it’s by far the most daring thing I’ve done.

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