Anna Arinder

Reporter & Anchor, FOX Carolina News
Anna Arinder

Anna Arinder is a reporter and the anchor for the weekend news on FOX Carolina News. She joined the FOX Carolina team in May 2022.

She is a native of the Carolinas, born in Charlotte and graduating from East Carolina University. She previously reported for a TV station in Jackson, Mississippi.

Before starting my journalism career, I worked at Disney World as a performer for about 9 months. Then I took a job as an overnight producer at Spectrum in Charlotte, NC from 2017-2020. In 2020 I moved to Jackson, MS where I worked as the morning reporter, then nightside reporter, then dayside reporter. I also fill-in anchored on the weekends/weekday mornings/nights.

I think the most memorable story I covered was Tim Tebow wishing a 105-year-old woman a happy birthday. I was able to help make her wish come true and I did not know at the time of the story that this would be her last birthday. After covering an initial story on Corabell Edison, Tebow's assistant reached out to me and said they would love to make her wish come true. They recorded a video wishing her a happy birthday and thanking her for all that she had given to the world. Watching her light up for just that moment and seeing her hold on to his biography that she used to read while watching it was so special. She is someone I will always remember.

On the weekends, I love to: Thrift, take my 3 dogs to the dog park, get my nails done, volunteer at church, explore the city with my husband, spend time with my family, watch Netflix with my hubby, work in the garden.

My favorite movie is: How to lose a guy in 10 days and Legally Blonde

My favorite kind of music is: I love musicals but I also love country music

My favorite food is: Mexican tacos/burritos/ guacamole, chips and salsa-- I could eat Mexican for every meal. I also love really love sushi!

Hidden talents? Yes, I can do voice impressions. It's something that I am really embarrassed that I'm good at.

Hobbies? Gardening and flipping thrift finds. I love going thrifting and finding new clothes to style, collecting old records, and vintage pieces to put around my home.

Pets? Yes, I have 3. Tank is my firstborn boy, he is a chihuahua and a total mama's boy. Then there's Lucy, she's a mutt but I call her my potato princess because she is shaped like a potato and my only girl. Rocket is the youngest, he loves to run, and jump off high places. We're also not sure what type of dog he is. All three are our babies!