Zoe Chipalla

Evening Anchor
Rockford, IL
Zoe Chipalla

Born in Rockford and raised in Rockton, Zoe began as an intern in Summer 2020, until she worked her way up to anchoring weeknights. She is an Illinois State University alum with a passion for storytelling.

I want to help people. By telling people’s stories and using my platform to draw awareness to news, and giving those in the community a voice who don’t otherwise have one, is a role that fills me with purpose.

My favorite thing about being a journalist connecting with people! Every day I meet someone new, and more often than not, we share a tender, heartfelt exchange that unveils new opportunities for me to empathize, grow and develop wisdom. It makes the job that much more emotionally fulfilling.

WHO IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON/PEOPLE – OR ANIMAL - IN YOUR LIFE AND WHY: My grandparents are the most important people in my life. They are kindhearted, compassionate and nurturing, and they constantly support and encourage me to work hard to achieve my ambitions. By example, they’ve taught me how to be a better person. I also have a huge soft spot for my cat, Silo, and my dogs Sophie, Ginger and Jazz.

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: When I was eighteen years old, I spontaneously moved to Florida where I lived ten minutes from the beach... and I’m also a mother to 5 plants!

WHO HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR LIFE AND WHY: Writer and Comedian, Karen Kilgariff and Writer and Comedian, Mindy Kaling. Both women have had many difficult obstacles to overcome in their lives, but they’ve used their humor, creativity and authenticity to achieve success, and make light out of even the darkest times. Reading and watching their material reminds me to laugh more, and to stop taking life so seriously.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO OUTSIDE OF WORK: I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, going to concerts and doing adrenaline-seeking activities, like zip lining and skydiving. Some of my other passions include doing musical theatre, reading, watching true crime, singing, traveling, shopping and cooking.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DRINK: Blueberry mojitos in the summertime.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT: I’m certainly not picky when it comes to dessert, but I’m very fond of strawberry cheesecake!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY AND WHY: Thanksgiving. I’m Italian and a big foodie, so being surrounded by family, traditions and good food is special to me.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON AND WHY: Fall. I love the weather, the fashion and the fun activities.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SPORT: Does running to the fridge to grab another snack count??


1. “Nightcrawler”

2. “A Star is Born”

3. “La La Land”