Lauren Strauss

Multimedia Journalist
Rockford, Ill.

WHERE WERE YOU BORN AND RAISED: I was born in Freeport and raised in rural Polo.

WHAT COLLEGE DID YOU ATTEND AND WHAT WAS YOUR MAJOR: UW-Whitewater and majored in Media Art and Game Development.

WHY DID YOU GET INTO THE NEWS (OR SPORTS) BUSINESS/BECOME A JOURNALIST: I was taking a Video One course and walked through pouring rain to get to my class 30 minutes early. That left an impression on my professor. He later offered me a position working on the UW-TV crew.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A JOURNALIST: I get to know what's going on outside my comfy farm bubble.

WHAT IS THE ROLE OF A JOURNALIST AND A TELEVISION STATION IN OUR COMMUNITY: To inform the community of events- be it good or bad.

WHAT DO YOU DO OUTSIDE WORK: I enjoy watching movies, playing all types of games, and doodling cartoons! I am working on a personal project called "Ed."

WHO IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON/PEOPLE – OR ANIMAL - IN YOUR LIFE AND WHY: My immediate family all taught me something important.

Dad: integrity and showing up on time.

Mom: go with the flow as best you can, "be like a duck" and let it roll off your back.

Brother: grow and learn to be the best you can be.

Sister: be patient and listen to others.

Poodles: anyone who comes to the house at 7 p.m. must be terminated!

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: I broke my face in the 8th grade, but I think all and all it came back nicely!

WHO HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR LIFE AND WHY: My brother. He also taught me you don't need violence to solve an annoying problem. You need to know where a person is ticklish.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DRINK: Coca Cola with lemon or Boba Tea

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DINNER ENTREE: Sushi! I often order a Dynamite roll.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT: Burnt Carmel ice cream (Molly's in Mount Carrol)

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY AND WHY: 4th of July. My family hosts a large party with fireworks every year.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON AND WHY: Fall in Illinois. It's by far the prettiest time of year.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SPORT: If you'll count it, Euchre.

NAME THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE MOVIES: Pacific Rim, Cloverfield, Aliens.

NAME YOUR FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: I love the short story from Stephon King 'I am The Doorway'

WHAT IS THE MOST DARING THING YOU’VE DONE: I squared off with my family rooster at 8 years old. I lost.

  • UW-Whitewater - Media Art and Game Development