Hope Salman

Multimedia Journalist
Rockford, IL

The Chicago native is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Electronic and Broadcast Journalism with a minor in English. Hope broke into the business as a field producer and desk assistant at ABC 7 in Chicago. She joined WIFR as a Multimedia Journalist in September 2019.

Hope thinks the best thing about her job is that she gets to do some of her favorite things: visiting new places, meeting new people, asking questions, and telling stories. When she’s not working at 23 News, Hope loves to spend time with friends and family, travel, cook, and catch up on some of her favorite books.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON/PEOPLE – OR ANIMAL - IN YOUR LIFE: My family means everything to me- including my dog King Leonidas.

FAVORITE DRINK: Frozen mint lemonade and tea.

FAVORITE DINNER ENTREE: I can’t usually pick just one, but usually I opt for pasta or a noodle dish.

FAVORITE DESSERT: Do-Rite Donuts and ice cream or frozen yogurt.

FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Christmas is my favorite holiday because I can celebrate the reason for the season with the people I love most. One of my fondest memories from childhood is decorating the house with my family. I look forward to the lights on the branches, the Christmas tree, good cheer & a smorgasbord of food.

FAVORITE SEASON : Summer is my favorite season because it comes after nasty Chicago winters. If winters were less harsh it would be fall because of my birthday and a reminder of how beautiful change can be.

FAVORITE SPORT: Figure skating- I was a competitive figure skater for 7 years and helped teach beginner skating classes.

THREE FAVORITE MOVIES: Dead Poets Society, The Merchant of Venice, A Walk to Remember.

FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: Favorite Book: “The Alchemist” Favorite Author: Shakespeare.

WHAT IS THE MOST DARING THING YOU’VE DONE: Moving away from home and making a lot of sacrifices to follow my dream of becoming a reporter.

  • Loyola University-Chicago; Major: Electronic and Broadcast Journalism; Minor: English
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