Ethan Rosuck

Weekend Meteorologist/Multimedia Journalist
Rockford, IL

Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Ethan knew from a very young age what he wanted to do. It was visits to ABC7 and WGN that connected him with meteorologists Jerry Taft and Tom Skilling and ignited his love for the weather.

Ethan worked his way through Ball State University and graduated with a major in Meteorology and Climatology, as well as a minor in Telecommunications Sales and Promotion. During his time at Ball State, he was a weather forecaster for the college news station NewsLink Indiana and the college radio station WCRD 91.3 FM. He was promoted to Chief Weather Forecaster for his entire senior year at WCRD.

Ethan interned at WIFR in the summer of 2017 under Chief Meteorologist Mark Henderson and then Weekend Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke. It was during that internship where he learned the ropes of being a broadcast meteorologist and working in a full newsroom. Luckily, time was on his side and he got a full time job as the Weekend Meteorologist in September 2018.

“Working in this field requires you to sometimes go out of your comfort zone. But, you meet some great people and get to tell an amazing story in the end. When I was a freshman at Ball State, a professor asked me, 'What is the most important job of a weatherperson?' The answer here is, 'To save people’s lives.' That has stuck with me.”

When he isn’t at the station, Ethan enjoys all Chicago sports, going out to eat, watching TV, bowling, golfing, sleeping in or just spending the day with his parents, sister and family pets, Scooter, Zorro and Tinkerbell. On his off time he also enjoys going into Chicago to see his friends.

SURPRISING FACT ABOUT YOU: I am color blind! Depending on the color, it’s harder for me to distinguish between two shades side by side. It’s mainly blues and purples, but some reds, greens and browns. Yes, radar imagery and weather maps can get difficult for me, but I have learned to adjust.”


FAVORITE DINNER ENTREE: I love a good steak.

FAVORITE DESSERT: If you put an apple crisp/apple pie in front of me for dessert at a restaurant, I will eat the entire thing.

FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Hanukkah. We have lots of great family traditions that make it my favorite holiday, including playing competitive dreidel.

FAVORITE SEASON: I love summer! Going golfing, sitting by the pool, swimming, bonfires, grilling, outdoor festivals and more happen during the summer months. Plus, ice cream, ice cream, oh, and ice cream! I definitely could go without the mosquitoes, but growing up in Illinois has made me used to it by now.

FAVORITE SPORT: It’s a tie between baseball and hockey. Go White Sox and Blackhawks!

FAVORITE MOVIES: "Speed," "The Blues Brothers," "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off," the "James Bond" series

FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

MOST DARING FEAT: One day soon, I hope to achieve my goal of going skydiving or bungee jumping. But for now, the most daring thing I’ve done is going storm chasing for a class at Ball State. I had never been storm chasing prior to that, and it was intense. We saw 14 tornadoes during our two-week trip to the Great Plains in May 2016. Seeing my first tornado was quite scary, but very cool in the end.

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