Brittany Karlin

Weekend Anchor/Multimedia Journalist
Rockford, IL
Brittany Karlin

Brittany believes the role of a journalist is to inform the public about what is going on in their neighborhoods.

“My favorite part of the job is getting the chance to meet new people and learn something new every day. As a reporter, you never know what kind of story you might cover or what amazing people you’ll meet.”

In her spare time, Brittany likes to sing, dance, shop, watch movies, cook, work out and spend time with her family. A dancer since the age of 3, Brittany believes dancing led her to journalism.

“One of my favorite things about dance was putting together the choreography, and I saw so many similarities between choreographing dances and putting together stories. I always told a story through movement, and getting the chance to continue to tell stories through words and video is a dream come true.”

Brittany says her family and friends are the most important people in her life. The person who has been the biggest influence on her is Ball State University professor Tim Underhill. He taught her to love journalism and how to bring out the emotion in everyday stories. (Coincidentally, his first job was in Rockford.)

FUN FACT: I am twin but we do not look anything alike. She looks exactly like my mom; I am a combo of my parents! I don’t know how anyone lives without a twin sister. It honestly doesn’t make any sense to Lauren and me.

FAVORITE DRINK: I always love a good chocolate milkshake!



FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because my family has so many traditions! I wake up every Thanksgiving to the smell of my dad's cooking. For breakfast we eat stuffing and do some taste testing. My entire family comes over and we enjoy the feast while watching football. At midnight, my cousins and I go Black Friday shopping. It is just a great day to spend with my family!

FAVORITE SPORT: Ice hockey! Go IceHogs! Go Blackhawks!

FAVORITE MOVIES: "Wonder," "The Greatest Showman" and "Tommy Boy"

FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes

MOST DARING FEAT: I went parasailing over the Caribbean.

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