League of Women Voters encourages younger generation to register

Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 5:37 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Tuesday marks National Voter Registration Day, giving citizens the chance to get signed up before the upcoming elections. From the national, way down to the smallest of local elections, every vote counts.

On a day where even celebrities like Taylor Swift urge fans to get registered, ladies at the League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford (LWGVR) try to get our young population prepared for next year.

“Since its inception in 2012, we’ve had over 3 million Americans register to vote on this day alone,” said Carol Bailey with the LWGVR.

National Voter Registration Day is a relatively new holiday, but supporters tout its success. Although they add, regardless of rising numbers, there is always room for improvement.

“Voter turn out is much lower among the young, and the young of course are the future of our nation, and it’s imperative that we get them involved in civic matters, engaged, and registering to vote is one way to do that,” Bailey said.

On Tuesday, members of the LWGVR entered Roosevelt Community Education Center in Rockford with that goal in mind, get more young people signed up.

“It wasn’t something ever promoted when I was in school, we never had these opportunities for any body to come out and sign us up,” said Andrea Capriotti, a registrar with the League.

Capriotti and fellow registrar Silvia Diaz, say you don’t even have to be 18 yet to register.

“March 19th, they have to be 18 on or before that date to vote in that election.”

Even though 2024 includes a Presidential Race, the ladies say every election is important for change.

“It’s not just every four years when a new president is due to be elected it’s every single time there is an election. Your school boards, you’re thinking about your trustees, you’re thinking about your mayors. All of these positions are critical for our day to day lives,” Diaz said.

“We’ve been getting asked questions when the next election is and I think that’s a very big step in a positive direction,” Capriotti told 23 News.

On Monday, the Biden Administration released a statement calling on people to get registered. In the statement, Biden referenced the January 6th Insurrection saying, “It is clear that the fight to preserve our democratic values and norms is not over.”

If you need the latest voting information here in Illinois, you can click here.