Goldie Floberg building gains new owner, upgrades to come

Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 10:33 PM CDT
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ROCKTON, Ill. (WIFR) - A now vacant building that was once used to help those with disabilities, hands over it’s keys to the Village of Rockton.

When Goldie Floberg downsized and moved to Rockford, many residents were left wondering what the future holds for the vacant bulding. Well, the owner has a generous response.

It’s a bittersweet step for Goldie Floberg as leaders hand over the keys to the Village of Rockton Tuesday to pursue services in Rockford. John Pingo, the CEO of Goldie Floberg, hopes Rockton leaders will turn the now empty building into something good for the community.

“The ‘A’ frame was originally a community center, so it would be nice to return that to a community center so people can have events,” said John Peterson, the Rockton Village president.

Peterson says he has big plans for this building. They hope to clean up the area a bit more, so a new park can take it’s place.

“We don’t have a park on that side of town,” Peterson explains, “When we do that we’ll call it the Goldie Floberg park as a nod to Goldie Floberg and their generosity.”

The president wants people to know this building won’t be expanded or torn down. Residents shouldn’t worry about it affecting their area.

“My backyard backs up to the corn field. So I don’t think we’re going to do anything that’s going to adversely affect people,” said Peterson.

Even with these new changes in mind, the building still needs some work done to it like a new roof and revamping the inside of the structure.

“Do not expect to be showing up in six months and expecting it to be fully renovated and you know, fully operational,” said Tricia Diduch, the planning and development admin for Rockton.

Although the area won’t be operational just yet, village leaders plan to work with other companies to incorporate fresh ideas.

“I’m excited. I’ve heard pretty good comments from everybody about it,” said Peterson.

The president says funding for these changes will hopefully come from state and federal grants they will be applying for. The village says it could take up to five years to execute the entire plan and for residents to actually use the space.