Movie filming in Oregon, Dixon brings local tourism revenue

Upcoming comedy film, "Adult Children," improves the economy in both cities.
Published: May. 25, 2023 at 10:24 PM CDT
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NORTHERN ILLINOIS (WIFR) - Oregon and Dixon residents may notice some heavier traffic and bigger crowds this month thanks to a film crew out of Chicago.

Business is booming in downtown Oregon as the city see its third film crew hit the scene and visit local coffee shops and restaurants in between shooting.

“It’s provided a big economic boom for downtown,” said Oregon Mayor Ken Williams.

The new family comedy called “Adult Children” follows four adult siblings forced to live together after a long time apart and it’s been filming in Oregon and Dixon since the beginning of May.

“It’s a meant a lot the city,” Williams said. “Just the other day, right where we’re standing were 50 cast and crew and lights and cameras, they purchased food in town. They need places to stay.”

Williams says the biggest benefit to being a filming location is it creates activity in the city, which attracts new, curious people.

“You get the idea, ‘well it’s a small town nothing’s going on,’ but that’s not true it all for Oregon, Illinois, we always have a lot of fthings going on and having a movie production downtown is fantastic,” Williams said.

Ogle County Sheriff Brian Vanvickle says he’s happy to see the filming locations are so well perceived by the public. Since he comes from a small business background himself, he appreciates the attention downtown gets.

“I understand the dollars and cents and so If we can help those business attract additional revenue, you know that’s something that we did,” Vanvickle said.

Angie Gaffney produces “Adult Children.” she says her production company wants to bring more movies to the area because it offers a small town feel while still being close to Chicago. She says she loves supporting the two cities.

“You’re making an economic impact,” Gaffney said. “You’re hiring people, you’re creating jobs, your buying goods, your feeding people.”

Filming locations in Oregon include the alleyway in between Bela’s Cafe and Edward Jones Investments on Washington Street, The Ogle County Jail and Pine Street Animal Clinic.

Gaffney expects “Adult Children” to be out early 2024 and hopes to hold a local screening.

Gaffney says notable actors from popular TV shows are in the movie.