Aaron Wilson arrives in Washington DC for VetsRoll, Marine Corps Barracks practice march

Published: May. 23, 2023 at 8:46 AM CDT
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WIFR) - The buses have finally rolled their way into Vets Roll in Washington D.C. where multiple events will take place.

23 News’s very own Aaron Wilson talks with J.P. Morgan who is a veteran himself. When asked how he felt about this day, and this tradition, he says it is incredible.

“It is, it’s wonderful,” Morgan expresses. J.P. served in the war until he came home one last time in 1967. He recalls the time, saying it was a “long time ago” and vets Roll means a lot.

Morgan, Wilson, veterans and rosies stood on the sidelines of the Marine Corps memorial as the United States Marine Corps Barracks practiced their march to honor those who both have fallen and survived the war.

“It’s amazing. It really is. It’s a privilege to be here with all of these wonderful marines, air force, army, navy, absolutely,” said J.C. Prior who is also on board for VetsRoll.

“That is a terrific honor to be able to see these young people and what they’ve accomplished. I mean just to look at how squared away they really are. You look at all of these old, MR1 rifles and they’re as shiny as their shoes,” Prior expresses, “I’m overwhelmed. It’s hard to explain, it really is.”

More stops on Vets Roll:

  • World War II Memorial
  • Vietnam Wall
  • Lincoln Monument
  • Jefferson monument
  • Korean war memorial