UW Heath gives patients access to specialized oncologists

Published: Apr. 21, 2023 at 3:06 PM CDT
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NORTHERN ILLINOIS (WIFR) - In an effort to better serve cancer patients in the region, UW Health in Northern Illinois now provides cancer sub-specialists.

The transition began at the start of 2023 with the new system offering patients access to oncologists who have expertise in one or a few specific cancers.

This type of practice is similar to how physicians used to handle all types of injuries and diseases until there were specialties created such as neur4ologists and podiatrists.

UW Health is the first health system in the Rockford area to transition to this model.

“Having sub-specializations will help to have better access to the patients, faster access to patients because you will be able to mobilize the resources and make it easier for the patient to get their oncologist,” says Dr. Nameer Mardini, UW Health Medical Oncologist. “Having the doctor concentrate on the patient and having more knowledge about this disease, will help the patients to have better outcomes.”