Sunshine for Saturday, but rain is headed toward Rockford which could bring cooler temps

Published: Oct. 29, 2022 at 9:24 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Great short sleeve and jeans kind of weather today, but rain is slowly making it’s way over to the Rockford region. How long will this rain last?

Normal high for today is 57 degrees, but we experienced temperatures as high as 66 degrees. Which makes for a beautiful and enjoyable Saturday. Dew points are sitting at a cool 42 degrees. A bit dryer outside but still comfortable enough to enjoy some early trick-or-treating or whatever you have planned.

Clear, star gazing skies for the remainder of tonight. Sunday will bring some scattered clouds throughout the day, but some nice breaks of the sun peaking through. Sunday night going into Monday will bring some heavy rain. If you have plans bring an umbrella and prepare for a rainy Monday morning. By the time the afternoon rolls around, the rain will fall apart and leave us with a dry Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Heavy cloud coverage for the day
Heavy cloud coverage for the day(Kayleigh Randle, WIFR)
Heavy rain fall expected for a brief period of time
Heavy rain fall expected for a brief period of time(Kayleigh Randle, WIFR)
Heavy rain begins to make it's way into our area.
Heavy rain begins to make it's way into our area.(Kayleigh Randle, WIFR)

As for Halloween Monday, make sure you have your costume ready to be put on, your pillowcase ready to fill up with sweet treats. No need for that jacket because, yes, by Monday night it will drop into the 40′s. However, it will remain in the upper 50′s during prime trick-or-treating time. Don’t fret about extra layers or stuff to carry. Finally, eat all your candy and enjoy it. You did your cardio walking from door-to-door, now it’s time you treat yourself.

Tonight will be a chilly 39 degrees with calm winds. Barely a breeze truly. Tomorrow starts off a bit cooler but then warms up into the upper-60′s by the afternoon.

The next seven days will have clouds and sunny skies until Friday through Monday where scattered storms and rain is expected. Definitely cooling us off and getting us prepared for those November temperatures.