CROP Walk takes a step to help end world hunger

Published: Oct. 16, 2022 at 10:15 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - A nationwide walk to end world hunger returns to Rockford after a two-year break to raise money to feed those in need both overseas and here in the Stateline.

Rockford Urban Ministries has hosted the CROP Walk locally for more than 30 years. The community has raised more than $775,000 for hunger relief with a quarter of the funds given back to area food pantries.

Eric Lemonholm is one of more than three dozen people who walked almost five miles around Rockford Sunday afternoon to help with hunger relief.

“It’s maybe not quite as big as it was before. But there are more people raising money online. So, it’s still helping just as much to help feed our community in the world.”

Lemonholm’s been walking for 10 years. He says it feels good for the community to come together for a good cause.

“You never know when you’re in that situation. Especially during the time of the pandemic people who never thought they didn’t need a food pantry suddenly did.”

Judy Schultz says she walks to support those who may not have access to food on a daily basis.

“I feel blessed in my own life not to worry about anybody in our family being hungry. It hurts my heart to see children in the world who are hungry especially.”

Stanley Campbell with Rockford Urban Ministries says even though the event went virtual last year, the support doesn’t change.

“There’s so much need in the world especially in the Rockford area that we want to support as many of the organizations as possible.”

“It’s a good feeling to be out, getting exercise that you need anyway, but you’re also with friends and meeting new people and people who are all united and helping to feed the hungry,” says Lemonholm.

The local CROP Walk has raised $25,000 dollars to end hunger worldwide and in Rockford. Campbell says when the event went virtual in 2021, the community didn’t miss a step: they donated almost $40,000.

The other 75% of the money raised goes to Church World Service, an active organization for refugee and disaster relief worldwide. According to the CWS, here is what your donation can provide:

$15 - Chickens for a family

$25 - Water filter for a home

$50 - Two months of groceries

$85 - Two piglets

$130 - Four months of meals

$250 - A thousand mango trees

$390 - Twelve months of meals

$700 - Five acres of sweet potato vines

$940 - Two cows

More information about Church World Service can be found on their website.