Six million Illinoisans will receive property, income tax rebates

Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 5:04 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD (WGEM) - You may have recently received a postcard in the mail from the Illinois Department of Revenue explaining a tax rebate program starting this month. The Pritzker administration is sending income and property tax rebates to many Illinoisans struggling with inflation.

These tax rebates were part of the $1.8 billion tax relief plan signed with the state’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget a few months ago. Now, people will receive checks less than two months before the General Election.

“Democrats balanced the budget, eliminated the bill backlog, funded schools, and fixed the roads - and through responsible financial decision-making - still found ourselves with a one-time surplus,” said Gov. JB Pritzker.

The checks are printed and ready to head out of the door. People could expect to see the one-time rebates as early as Monday night.

“Six million Illinois taxpayers and their families will begin receiving income and property tax rebates either in the mail or directly in their bank accounts,” Pritzker said. “An average family will receive hundreds of dollars in tax relief.”

Individual income tax filers making under $200,000 will receive a $50 check and joint filers making up to $400,000 will get $100. Anyone with dependents could receive up to $300, or $100 per dependent with a maximum of three per family.

People automatically qualify for the rebate if they filed an income tax return for 2021. However, you can still file an income tax return by October 17 to receive a rebate.

“My office will be working diligently to get these rebates into the hands of taxpayers,” said Comptroller Susana Mendoza. “After all, it’s your money.”

Mendoza worked with the Illinois Department of Revenue to combine income and property tax rebates into the same checks.

Eligible homeowners could receive property tax rebates equal to property tax credits they qualified for on 2021 returns with a maximum of $300. Your adjusted gross income must be $250,000 or less to be eligible as a single filer. Meanwhile, joint filers are eligible for the property tax rebate if they make $500,000 or less.

“It allows families to put money back into their pockets and allows them to address the concerns and the need that they have - the challenges that they face each and every day,” said Sen. Elgie Sims (D-Chicago).

Rep. Will Davis (D-Hazelcrest) admitted that this may not seem like a lot of money going back to taxpayers. However, Davis believes every little bit of relief helps.

Although, Republicans argue most of the relief in this budget is nothing more than a campaign tool for Pritzker and the Democratic party as we inch closer to the 2022 election. Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) called the plan “gimmicky gamesmanship” designed to help the Democratic rank and file members win re-election in November.

“The Illinois Family Relief Plan continues to fight inflation and lower costs for the people of our state during these challenging economic times,” said Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton. “Income and tax rebates are on the way to ease the burden and provide support to families throughout the state.”

Taxpayers who did not file or are not required to file their income tax returns but want to claim the income tax rebate must file Form IL-1040. The Department of Revenue explained people in that situation will also need to file an Illinois Exemption and Earned Income Credit to report any eligible dependents.

However, people who have not filed or aren’t required to file individual income tax returns but want to claim both the income and property tax rebates must file Form IL-1040. IDOR stated those individuals will be required to file a Schedule ICR, Illinois Credits, and Illinois Exemption and Earned Income Credit to report dependents.

The Pritzker administration noted that taxpayers who only want to claim the property tax rebate or did not report their property tax information on their 2021 income tax return have the option to fill out the property tax rebate form electronically. There is also an option available for people to fill out a paper form and mail it to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

You can find more information about the tax rebate program and check the status of rebate checks at People can also call 1-800-732-8866 or 217-782-3336 to speak with taxpayer representatives.

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