A unique ice cream truck is coming to Rockford: here’s the scoop

An interesting twist on Good Humor Ice Cream, why the new stateline ‘Bad Humor’ sweet treats truck, will be sure to have people melting.
Published: Jul. 9, 2022 at 10:31 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - While longtime chef and restaurant owner Paul Sletten, says he loves the simplicity of walking up to a truck to get a cold treat fast, his flavors on the soon to be ‘Bad Humor’ truck, are far from simple.

“I kind of went down a rabbit hole a couple years ago when I was looking at trucks,” Sletten said.

Sletten always had the desire to sell a quality homemade ice cream sandwich, but when his ‘rabbit hole’ led him to purchase a 1948 DIVCO Milk Truck, pairing the two together, was the cherry on top.

“This idea of mixing a little bit of nostalgia, and something new, and homemade,” Sletten said.

Playing off Good Humor Ice Cream, Sletten brings his concept of the ‘Bad Humor’ ice cream truck to life. With flavors ranging from a classic vanilla and chocolate chip, to a tequila-jalapeno mix, Sletten says the twists on tastes is sure to have customers melting.

“There is going to be some more classic flavors in,” said Sletten. “But we really wanted to push the boundaries.”

While ice cream fans may still go for their typical sweet treat often, Rockford native Nathan, says this is something that would be sure to stand out.

“It would definitely draw my attention,” said Nathan. “I would try it.”

Sletten believes the local ingredients give it a unique draw, but even more, he says it’s the fact his Bad Humor brand is completely different from the everyday ice cream truck, which will set it apart.

“It’s kind of the anti ice cream truck, ours is rusty and dented, you know we are going to play heavy metal,” said Sletten. “I think it’s just going to be really fun to see people have a new experience with it.”

A limited amount of the ‘Bad Humor’ ice cream sandwiches will be handed out for customers feedback on the flavors, next Wednesday, July 13, at the Trucks and Tunes on Block 5 event. Sletten suggests people get there early, as they may sell out quickly.

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