Freeport community gathers to remember 23-year-old shot to death

More than one hundred people in Freeport came together to mourn the loss of a man shot to death Sunday night.
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 10:27 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Dozens of friends and family of 23-year-old Daquaveon Jackson say when they heard the news of Jackson’s death, they couldn’t believe it was true.

“I don’t know if there is a mean to expressing, the manner in which I feel,” said Community Activist and Friend Wendy Pearson.

Pearson remembers playing basketball with Jackson, who she says is known my his nickname ‘Tweet’, when he was just a young boy. Pearson says ‘Tweet’'s curiosity and love for learning, was unlike any she’s seen.

“When they’re the kind of kid that tweet was... they’re willing to listen, they’re willing to learn, they don’t care whose teaching them,” said Pearson. “That’s who this boy was, that’s who this boy is, this is why the community and kids out here are so torn up.”

Torn up, and heartbroken. Freeport Police say Jackson was shot to death on North Greenfield Drive in Freeport, late Sunday night. Less than twenty four hours after, at least one hundred friends and family came to lean on one another, at a vigil, to remember who Jackson was, and how they as a community won’t ever let him be forgotten.

“Every last one of us has love in our heart that when we pull together, we can make anything possible,” said Pearson.

Pearson says she refuses to let Jackson’s killing, be just another number. Instead, a tragedy that moves the Freeport community to raise their voices, and speak up if they know something, so another young life isn’t ripped away again.

“There is not one death, that is greater than the other,” said Pearson. “There is never a time that the name should be forgotten.”

Police say the shooting is believed to be stemmed from an argument, and they urge anyone who knows anything, to speak up. Officers are still investigating the crime and say it’s believed to be isolated with no threat to the community.

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