City of Beloit shows it’s pride with 608 day

Resident's didn't shy away from celebrating 608 day
Resident's didn't shy away from celebrating 608 day(Stephanie Quirk)
Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 10:41 PM CDT
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BELOIT, Wis. (WIFR) - Even rainy weather didn’t take away 608 day in Beloit, the holiday that Visit Beloit Marketing and Public Relations Director Tracy Bliss says is a play on their area code.

“It’s quite different then what it’s been in the past, it’s growing, it’s revitalized, it’s beautiful,” said Bliss.

Bliss is a Beloit native, who grew up in the city and even decided to settle down and raise her kids there. She says she has just never had the desire to leave.

“I love the diversity here,” said Bliss. “Growing up here, there’s a lot of really great people here in this community.”

Bliss shares that love with others, as one of the main organizers of 608 day. A handful of the city’s businesses participated in the celebration with special deals, music and events that brought everyone together.

“I think it’s so great,” said Bliss. “I mean, our small businesses are booming here because of the support they get from the community.”

Not only are the small businesses booming, City of Beloit Strategic Communications Director Sarah Lock says larger developments have continued to grow. In fact, a new industrial warehouse just broke ground this week.

“20 years ago there wasn’t even a road there, there was just farm fields,” said Lock.

The $35 million dollar project in Gateway Park brings nearly five hundred construction jobs itself, on top of the thousands the park already offers to residents.

“They believe so much in our market, they’re building this 500,000 square foot building on speck,” said Lock. “They are so confident they will get a tenant, they chose to take that risk in this investment.”

Just like Bliss, Lock believes the reason developers find Beloit so desirable, is because of the pride people have for not only the businesses, but their community.

“I really truly feel that once you’re here, you’ll want to come back,” said Lock.

Bliss says the festivities for 608 day are just beginning, Visit Beloit plans to have an event in the weeks following, and for more details on those you can click the link here.

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