Rockford residents face air conditioning failures during heatwave

No A/C while fighting the heat, that’s what many people in Rockford say is there battle right now, after the hike in temperatures.
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 10:33 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Many Rockford residents were in for a rude awakening, when they realized, their air conditioning doesn’t work.

“Somebody definitely stepped up on the gas pedal,” said Bomar Heating and Cooling General Manager Brent Smith. “And we went from 50 degrees to 90 degrees in a week.”

Now, people are hitting the road, to get their A/C fixed. Bomar Heating and Cooling General Manager Brent Smith says they’ve been slammed since the start of the week.

“What happens is, you turn in on for the first time, and it’s like boom! And then everyone turns it on for the first time,” said Smith. “It’s like an epidemic, the phones are ringing, and it’s just crazy right now.”

Smith says their contractors have been helping the community by getting things fixed quickly as possible. But for some people, like Janie Hilton, repairs may not be an option.

“It’s 91 out here and it’s 90 in my house, so it’s just blowing hot air,” said Hilton.

Hilton lives in Rockford with her husband and daughter. The A/C system they have is a ten ton unit, which requires a compound called Freon to run.

“When you’re on a fixed income, 230 dollars for one pound of Freon is a lot of money,” said Hilton.

Getting a new system for their house, Hilton says would cost thousands, and cold showers are her best friend. But despite the heat, Hilton keeps her spirits high.

“She’s got a fan in her bedroom, I have mine in my room, and we have one blowing in the living room,”” said Hilton. “We’re alright ....we make it through.”

Smith says like every industry, heating and cooling companies have a slight backlog in A/C and heating parts. But he says the best way to avoid air conditioning issues in the future is by checking your A/C before another heatwave strikes.

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