Winnebago County SWCD helps restore wildlife habitats through annual tree sale

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 5:29 PM CST
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Winnebago County Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual tree sale is under way!

The deadline to order is March 4, 2022. Supplies are limited, but each year the WCSWCD sells bare root shade trees, evergreens, and shrub seedlings in effort to provide energy conservation and/or habitat cover for wildlife. Specialty items, rain barrels, conservation books and pollinator seed are also available for purchase. Customers will be notified around late April by email and postcard that their order is ready to be picked up.

In addition to energy conservation and wildlife habitat, trees serve several other purposes:

  • Mature trees remove approximately five tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually.
  • Trees dilute polluted air with fresh oxygen.
  • One hundred mature trees catch about 250,000 gallons of rainwater each year.
  • Trees planted appropriately can save up to 25% of annual cooling costs and save 10 to 25% of energy used for heating.
  • In 40 years, the average tree returns $2.70 in benefits for every $1 of investment.

This year’s sale list includes:

Shade Trees (18-24″) available include Red Maple, Tulip Poplar, White Oak, Shagbark Hickory, Red Oak and Sugar Maple

Evergreens (12-20″) available include Colorado Blue Spruce, White Cedar, White Pine, Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir and White Spruce

Shrubs (12-18″) available include American Hazelnut, Common Lilac, Red Osier Dogwood, Nannyberry and Red Elderberry

Pollinator pack (12-18″) trees include two each of (2) Red Osier Dogwood, (2) Choke Cherry, (2) American Plum, (2) Meadowsweet and (2) Pasture Rose

Edible land pack (6-18″) trees include (2) Blueberries, (3) Red Currants, (3) Serviceberries (native) and (2) Nanking Cherry

Sizes range from 10-24″ and must be ordered in bundle sizes of the same species, except for tree packs. Bundle sizes range from 5, 25 and 100. Prices for bundles of 5 - $15, 25 - $60 and 100 - $200. Tree packs are $35 each.

These starter seedlings and transplants are an investment in the future. Trees sale brochures are available by calling the District office at (815) 965-2392, Ext. 3 or by going to our website

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