Family of missing woman calls out to the community for help

Nearly three months of searching has produced few answers in the missing persons case of Melissa Trumpy.
Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 10:36 PM CST
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - 37 year old Melissa Trumpy was believed to be on the way to her boyfriends house in Shannon, Illinois when she was last seen October 26th. Since then, Trumpy’s sisters say things have slowed down in her missing person’s case, and her children and family are in need of answers.

“Everything I feel is becoming just not as important and fading with them you know, so... its getting tough,” said sister of Trumpy Mandy Mgobe.

It’s a feeling of hopelessness for the family of Trumpy, as the Green County woman remains missing with few leads on what happened to her.

“We want the community to help us...because people saw things, obviously, people are messaging me,” said best friend of Trumpy Sheena Vyse. ”Theres a lot more out there that people know I feel like... I mean we could have this conversation for the next 6 hours,” added Mgobe.

The family believes that Trumpy’s whereabouts lie with her ex-boyfriend Derek Hammer of Shannon, Illinois. He has an extensive history of criminal charges including domestic violence, drugs, and more. The Trumpy family says that Hammer’s family immediately got a lawyer when they heard of Melissa’s disappearance.

“She just disappeared into thin that doesn’t happen, so, and you know they lawyered up so they wont tell us anything, we know nothing,” said Vyse.

The family assumes that Trumpy is most likely dead, and their hopes are to find a body so her children can finally have closure. Mgobe adds that she and the family are frustrated the police haven’t given them anymore information, but understand that a lot of it has to be “off the record”.

“We have supplied man power for some of their law enforcement operations down in Illinois, but to this point Melissa is still unfortunately missing,” said Sheriff Jeff Skatrud of Green County Sheriff’s Office.

Hammer is currently being held in Stephenson County Jail on drug-related charges, but he has not been named a person of interest in Trumpy’s disappearance at this time.

The Trumpy family encourages the community to spread the word about Melissa’s disappearance, and visit their Facebook page at

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