Tech company pays it’s employees to quit

Arizona-based company pays employees to quit to ensure workplace satisfaction
Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 10:10 AM CST
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SCOTTSDALE, AZ. (WIFR) - An Arizona-based tech company, Trainual, says it will offer employees $5,000 to leave their job if they’re not happy after their first two weeks of work. The CEO, Chris Ronzio, says it’s a way to keep the folks who truly want to work there as companies across the country scramble to fill positions.

As of today, the CEO of Trainual tells me he has about 80 employees, but this “pay to quit” policy began with just one. In may of 2020, the owner of the company Chris Ronzio says that five days in, an engineer told him he took the wrong job. It got Ronzio thinking about who else may be unsatisfied. So if you’re *not completely happy within two weeks at the firm -- you can get paid 5-thousand dollars to leave. No one has taken him up on the offer yet...But *his idea is -- if employees are thinking *short-term... They might take the money and go... Which may be better for everyone involved. Of course... The hope is to keep folks longer... With incentives like benefits and stock options.

“Because over 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, we’re pouring responsibilities on to this person’s plate. And they’re becoming a bigger part of the company and so if you pull that person out 9 months in it’s much more expensive to replace,” Trainual CEO Chris Ronzio expresses.

Trainual produces a software platform that allows small businesses to write down all of their policies for employees. From customer support, to senior level engineers. Ronzio says the average salary with the firm is 70 to 80,000 dollars. The research director at the Grand Canyon Institute thinks this is an example of how the job market has changed. Employers have to come up with innovative ideas and employees now have a lot more power.

Right now Ronzio says everyone has the option to work from home. Additionally, he says they do have about six open positions.

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