Buy Nothing Project giving financial peace for many Americans

A new program enables people to not sell their unwanted items, but to give them away instead
Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 8:21 AM CST
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(WIFR) - A growing number of Americans are offering unwanted items to their neighbors for free! It’s all part of the “Buy Nothing Project” where everything is donated with no strings attached. Trading, bartering, buying or selling is not allowed.

The financial instability of the pandemic fueled a spike in Buy Nothing’s membership. Through the buy nothing app, people post photos of what they’re giving away and members can also ask for something they need. Members like Jordan Cheatham who needed formula after an emergency c-section was one such person.

“When I got home, my front porch and inside was full of formula. I had like two or three months’ worth of supply from at least 15 people. It really shows that, you know, you’re never alone. And it’s ok to ask for something and be loved on by people,” Buy Nothing Group administrator Jordan Cheatham expresses.

With record inflation and the stresses of the pandemic, Buy Nothing became, for some, a financial and emotional lifeline.

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