New sexual assault lawsuit filed against former North Love Baptist member

Published: Dec. 9, 2021 at 10:15 PM CST
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - A former North Love Baptist Church employee and Reformer Unanimous Director is named in a civil suit accusing sexual abuse with a minor.

Daniel Black was not only a member of North Love Baptist Church in Rockford at the time of the alleged abuse, he was also a youth group leader, deacon, counselor and the local director of Reformer’s Unanimous.

The 50-page lawsuit claims that from 2006 through 2009, Black sexually assaulted a teenager, a girl aged 14-17 in that time period. It includes inappropriate touching and fondling, masturbation, oral sex and other sexual acts. The victim’s lawyer, Tim Freiberg claims then Pastor, Paul Kingsbury knew about the inappropriate behavior at the time it was allegedly happening.

Freiberg says, “There are different instances where people in the church would see them outside in public holding hands. Some of them witnessed I think them kissing at some point in time. There are cell phone messages text messages that are coming into play in this. The evidence in this one is stupendous and amazing.”

“Her parents notified Pastor Kingsbury that this was occurring, who then promised them they would fix this but never did. He was moved down to Pascagoula, Mississippi but he continued to come back to Rockford during that time frame. The relationship continued during that time,” Freiberg says.

Freiberg says Black recently left his role as church Pastor for a job in law enforcement. He also says the victim is just trying to heal. Other individuals coming forward to pursue action against North Love empowered her to tell her story.

“With all that’s happening, all that’s coming out about North Love, she just realized now’s the time. I know there are also a couple of victim advocates who have really helped a lot of these people gain the strength to move forward, try to right some wrongs and obviously tried to facilitate change within the church,” Freiberg says.

Joining Black as defendants in the suit are North Love Baptist Church, North Love Christian School and Reformer’s Unanimous.

Freiberg says, “When a parent or younger minor student comes to them and says look here’s what’s going on and I’m having these problems and their utter failure to report to the proper authorities, get rid of the individuals. That’s what makes them civilly liable for these things.”

The statute of limitations for criminal charges expired but that’s not the case for a civil suit. Freiberg says you have 20 years from your 18th birthday or ten years from when you connect abuse to injuries.

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