Idaho State trooper nearly hit by truck while assisting motorist

Published: Dec. 6, 2021 at 3:28 PM CST
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(KBOI) - An Idaho State trooper was nearly hit by a truck while helping a stranded driver on I-84.

The Idaho State Police dash camera showed the trooper go up and over a cement barrier to avoid being hit.

It happened Monday morning on the eastbound side of I-84, near the 10-mile interchange.

“About 10:00, we had a trooper that pulled into the median to assist a broken-down motorist. Broken down motorist had a flat tire. The trooper activated his emergency lights put on a yellow caution vest and was assisting a motorist at that time,” Idaho State Patrol Sgt. Brandalyn Crapo said. “It’s still very much under investigation, but it ended up being a six-car collision. Two trucks were pushed into the motorist that was broken down. That motorist that was actively working on his flat tire and the trooper both had to jump over the concrete barrier to avoid being hit.”

A driver slowed down as he approached the patrol car and he was hit from behind, which caused the triggered chain reaction.

Two trucks were pushed to the left and side-swiped the patrol car, just missing the trooper and slamming into the Toyota with the flat tire.

“You know today, we were extremely lucky. The driver of the Toyota and our trooper and luckily no one was severely injured in the crash, but these types of situations are extremely common and this is truly a life-or-death situation and today we got lucky,” Crapo said.

She reminds everyone to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles.

“Any time law enforcement, emergency personnel, tow trucks or incident response trucks are on the interstate, the Idaho law is that you have to immediately reduce your speed. Move over one lane and just proceed with caution. If you’re not able to move over, you’ve still got to at least slow down and make sure you’re paying attention to avoid any hazards,” Crapo said.

The trooper was taken to hospital, treated and released with only minor injuries.

Tomorrow, Idaho State Patrol will have extra patrols out on I-84 focusing on motorists who violate Idaho’s slow down or move over law.

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