Netflix to produce movie about a famous Thanksgiving text mix-up

Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 8:52 AM CST
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(CNN) - Netflix is making a movie about a famous Thanksgiving text mix-up that turned into a tradition and an unlikely friendship.

Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench celebrated their sixth Thanksgiving together this year.

They first met in 2016 when Dench sent a text inviting Hinton over for dinner. It was meant for her grandson, who had changed his phone number.

Hinton, then a high school senior, accepted the offer anyway, and she welcomed him for dinner.

Their story went viral on social media, and now it will be recounted in a movie called, “The Thanksgiving Text.”

The friends said they’re excited to share their story with the world and hope it inspires more people to reach out and make connections they wouldn’t normally make.

They also said they feel so blessed to find genuine friendship brought together by God from a mistake text.

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