Some parents not happy at RPS 205 response to Jefferson High School threats

Published: Nov. 2, 2021 at 10:35 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - The Rockford Police Department investigates another school threat, the second threat in a row to Jefferson High School. Because of this, some parents are not happy with the response of RPS 205.

Parent Ana Trenholm says, “There‘s a threat of a shooting at the school. You guys need to tell us what’s going on in advance, not while the kids are on the bus getting ready to get dropped off at school. On Sunday night, my daughter actually came to me at 11 p.m. and she woke me up. She said this threat was all over the internet.”

A Snapchat post went viral showing an online threat made towards Jefferson High School over the weekend leaves many parents like Tremholm say they feel in the dark and outraged.

Trenholm says, “I’m not comfortable with that at all, I told them I wasn’t sending my daughter back to school until they figure out what’s going on.”

Investigators say they first heard about the online threat over the weekend. It moved from Snapchat to Facebook. Frustrated parents say the school didn’t start informing them about the potential threat until the morning of school.

KP Counseling founder Kevin Polky says, “You should be able to talk about it, have communication, try to get as accurate as possible information. But if you do have some information, make sure that you’re telling some type of teacher or some type of authority figure so that they can look into it.”

Trenholm says in the midst of all of the rumors, it’s up to the parents to do what they think is best for their children.

RPS 205 officials say the safety of students and staff is the highest priority in these investigations.

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