Small businesses pick up slack in anticipation of busy holiday season

Business is booming for many small businesses, but national shortages might make it hard to keep up
Published: Oct. 16, 2021 at 9:20 PM CDT
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STATELINE (WIFR) - Business is booming for many small businesses, but national shortages might make it hard to keep up.

Large retailers warn of short supply and delays this holiday season as more people look to shop at businesses close by and locally owned. Some area businesses rely on national retailers or wholesale vendors for their products, especially for the holiday season - but they might have to look elsewhere this year.

“We’ve had to search for different suppliers, even though we go through the actual wholesalers to actually get the material to do our business so it’s been tough.” Crazy Daisy’s Metal Co-Owner Michael Cerra says.

Michael and his wife Jennifer create unique signs from sheets of metal, which they say is tough to get lately. A typical order of 10-20 sheets... limited to no more than ten at three times the cost.

“It doesn’t matter you know our buying power or you know, to get a cheaper rate, we’ve just been limited, so everyone’s got a certain amount they can go from,” Michael Cerra says.

Another local business feeling the strain of the shortages and holiday shopping is Rockford Art Deli. Owner Jarrod Hennis says garments and ink take much longer to get in.

“A basic one of our are all made black t shirts, we were out of probably for two and a half months... A lot of people are ordering them just because they don’t know when they’re gonna get it again.”

Hennis says it’s important for him to be transparent with customers about what’s in stock.

“They use a lot of our best judgments are things that are comparable or close so that you know we can get it done on time.”

Hennis adds because shipping times are so unpredictable this year, he and his employees need to be flexible when working with customers.

Cerra says they usually buy materials from wholesalers in Rockford and Chicago, but because prices are so high they’re looking as far as Minneapolis for a better deal. Other area businesses look to learn from this experience to stay prepared in the future.

“We’re doing pretty well... just yet really new. So we’re trying to keep on top of it and basically learning how to do better for next year,” Cathy Best from Live, Learn & Lead says.

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