Insurance King sponsors Nascar race car

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 10:50 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Every week racecars zoom by hundreds of spectators on the track at Nascar events. Each vehicle donning a special brand and wrap on the car and one of those looks has some local ties.

“It all started on a Facebook message three seasons ago Chicagoland Joliet was our first race in 2019,” Insurance King President Daniel Block said.

Block is the Insurance King of Rockford, when he first had the opportunity to sponsor a race car he wasn’t sure if it was a good investment until a prominent market shark told him otherwise.

“I showed it to Jordan Belfort the Wolf of Wall Street and he said you have to get in Nascar that’s your demographic you definitely want to do that,” Block said.

Driver Josh Bilicki asked block if he wants to sponsor the car, the rest is history. The relationship and experience have only grown over the years.

“That’s when it started to hit me, wow this is big and it all comes from my driver Josh Bilicki reaching out and we’re supporting him,” Block said.

When on the track, the car’s paint scheme is important to catch the eye and market block’s business, but some of the paint wraps serve a bigger purpose.

“The first one we did with a personalization was for my friend Todd Bamberger who was killed,” Block said. “We incorporated the Special Olympics in the paint scheme and from there I realized we can do some cool things in Nascar.”

Block featured Bamberger on his vehicle and also showed off a ‘wounded blue’ wrap to honor his dad who was injured on shift as a police officer. Block wants to send important messages while marketing his business.

“Last year we did the 815 day and did a cheap trick theme we did a ‘rock n vodka’ and that’s when we figured out we can do different paint schemes to promote different things,” Block said. “We really like Nascar it’s been a really good thing for us”

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