Coaches Confessions with Anthony Dedmond

Published: Sep. 3, 2021 at 11:24 PM CDT
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FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) - A former freeport standout turned mentor, Anthony Dedmond has transformed the pretzel city into his domain, we learn more about his love for the game of football in this weeks coaches confession.

“I moved to Freeport in the seventh grade from Chicago and friends and cousins were playing football,” Freeport head coach Anthony Dedmond said.

It was the start of a football frenzy in the mind of Dedmond. The current pretzel football coach remembers his days in orange and black fondly.

“It was a time where people encouraged and uplifted instead of brought down and destroyed and it really made us want to just be better,” Dedmond said.

Dedmond started his football career at freeport as a defensive back, he played some running back senior, and year even returned kicks for a little while. He says his time on the gridiron molds how he coaches the Pretzels now.

“I was very coachable I want to get better and I played around some great guys,” Dedmond said.

The two-way player went off to college after one year Dedmond realized it wasn’t for him. He returned to Freeport and ended up coaching.

“I happened to fall into a resting position in the high school because nobody was coaching,” Dedmond said.

Dedmond coached the Freeport middle school football team and high school wrestling squad. After seeing success on the gridiron and the matt he took over the high school football program.

“I was nervous to take the position because my son was a senior,” Anthony Dedmond said.

“We would just know in that moment it would be coach and player and once we got home it would be father and son,” Anthony’s son Major Dedmond said.

The Dedmond duo connected in Anthony’s first year at Freeport, the team finished 4-5. Major says his dad’s best quality as a coach is how he truly cares for each and every player.

“I think it just comes from the goodness of his heart he has so many relationships with so many past players he’s coached with,” Major Dedmond said.

Anthony Dedmond hopes to lead the Pretzels into their first winning season since 2004, he believes the program is on the right track, but the biggest win is the bond he creates in every locker room.

“I love you before the game I love you after the game, we help create better men,” Dedmond said. “When this thing is over we want you to get more out of football than football gets out of you.”

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