Roscoe wedding venue seeks annexation in South Beloit

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 9:06 PM CDT
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ROSCOE, Ill. (WIFR) - After months of discussion with the Village of Roscoe, Hidden Creek Estates owners pull their annexation proposal, not because they’ve given up but instead it’s a change of strategy.

“I want to help South Beloit really grow on this Northern Illinois border,” Hidden Creek Estates owner Kerry Frank said.

11 months ago Frank bought 30 acres of land. Frank says she didn’t know the vision for the property but knew it had potential.

“We’ve lived in the community for eight years and we live right next door and my husband and I always said if this 30 acres came up for sale we definitely wanted to try and buy it,” Frank said.

Frank decided the wooded area and vibrant colors would make Hidden Creek the perfect location for a wedding venue and sought out an annexation in roscoe to start the transformation. That’s where some challenges presented themselves. Many in the community voiced concerns with traffic and noise in the region.

Jim Ehrlich’s house backs up to the property. He believes the reason this could work is the owners commitment to keeping the area green.

“We feel a little bit grateful that they’re leaving the woods the way they,” Ehrlich said. “It’s kind of keeping the natural beauty in the area.”

The owner’s eventually withdrew their request from Roscoe and decided to try their luck in South Beloit. The property is just close enough to the cities border to seek annexation. South Beloit Mayor Red Rehl believes the property is an asset but ultimately it will come down to whether council members believe it’s a good match.

“It will be an open and honest resolution to this either way,” Rehl said.

Rehl says the cities zoning board will make a recommendation to city council later this month. He says the council will then vote to approve or deny the annexation.

Village of Roscoe City Administrator Scott Sanders released this statement about the venue:

“We were sorry to see the Annexation process between Hidden Creek Estates and the Village of Roscoe break off before reaching its conclusion. Much time and effort was expanded by both parties, and it appeared that we were very close to mutually agreeing on the terms of the development. We remain optimistic that there is an appropriately scaled version of the project that would result in a successful venue that also respects the character of the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Any concerns that exist surrounding the application with the city of South Beloit stem purely from a geographical and land use planning standpoint. Should Hidden Creek decide to pursue annexation into a municipality, we remain of the opinion that the Village of Roscoe is a more appropriate choice given the property’s proximity to our current municipal boundary.”

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