Beloit woman burglarized by man dressed as utility worker

The man posing as a utility worker wearing a reflective jacket and lanyard.
Published: Mar. 4, 2021 at 5:45 PM CST
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BELOIT, Wis. (WIFR) - One area police department warns homeowners about an uptick in burglaries that are usually committed while someone posing as a utility worker distracts you.

Monday a car pulled into a Beloit woman driveway. The man posing as a utility worker wearing a reflective jacket and lanyard. The woman invited him in and while they were talking three men snuck into the house and stole items.

“The person had a reflected coat on and a lanyard with a name plate on it. That doesn’t mean they are legit,” said Beloit Police Captain Daniel Molland.

Police departments call these ruse burglaries when the crime is done while the victim is distracted.

“You’ll get a group to travel across state lines between Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan to try and commit these crimes,” Molland said.

Molland says some of these burglars are pros.

“They are organized ,very adaptable to get the trust of people,” Molland said.

Molland says if someone shows up at your home unannounced call the company or police.

“Citizens should feel comfortable to question the legitimacy of why they are there,” Molland said.

“Yea, we frequently get customers calling their contact center and they validate if that is an employee for Nicor Gas or not,” said Nicor Gas Regional Manager of Community Affairs Aaron Miller.

Miller says homeowners will be notified if a worker must enter their home and the worker will be in a specific uniform.

“All of their shirts, outerwear, hard hats, all logos of Nicor Gas and says Nicor Gas,” Miller said.

Employees also carry an identification card and when setting up your appointment you can receive texts.

“That will identify who is coming to their house with a picture of that employee,” Miller said.

Police say the one of the best ways to protect your valuables is to put items in a safe that’s kept in an unconventional spot.

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