Area leaders promote benefits of renters insurance

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 9:38 PM CST
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Fire prevention and insurance experts say several recent fires at area apartment complexes should be a warning to current and potential tenants. Now s the time to protect yourself and your belongings.

Renters insurance is often the last thing people think about when moving into a new apartment. However, experts say it should be the first.

Brian Pinkstaff of State Farm says, “When we have personal possessions in any type of building that we’re leasing, or an apartment that we’re leasing, or a home or renting depending on the situation our items are not insured by that building’s insurance. We have to have insurance to protect our items. The easiest way for us to understand that is you rip the roof off the building you shake it upside down, and whatever falls out, that’s what your insurance is going to cover.”

The process of getting a policy might seem daunting, Pinkstaff says it can be done in just minutes over the phone. It can cost you as little as $8 per month. Matt Knott of the Rockford Fire Department says, “Yet all too often is that individuals we know can be protected very inexpensively. But they don’t have proper insurance to protect of all their belongings and make sure that they’re able to recover from a fire.”

Insurance can also cover emergency temporary housing to help survivors recover and get back on their feet. It’s also a great time to make sure you have a disaster plan in place. Dan Zerfass of the South Beloit Fire Department says, “If you do have a fire in your home, get out of the house and go to the neighbors house and call 911 from there. Leave your belongings all of that kind of stuff its not worth it to get your purse, all of that is replaceable life isn’t.”

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