USPS worker saves Rockton girl’s Christmas surprise

With Christmas a little over a week away, it’s getting busy for Santa up in the North Pole, so there is always room for a mistake or two.
Published: Dec. 14, 2020 at 6:50 PM CST
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -Rockton father Richard Calvette asked Santa for a special gift for his 6-year-old daughter Piper, it’s something she’s had her eye on for some time.

“She has been asking for this for awhile, and we wrote a letter to Santa and this was her big gift,” said Calvette.

However, when the present arrived from the North Pole to the Rockton Post Office, employees there noticed the shipping labels right on the box. Poor packaging that could have spoiled her gift.

“I could only image what would have happened if she opened the door and saw that sitting there,” said Calvette.

But, some quick thinking by an undercover elf at the Rockton Post Office saved the surprise.

“Me and my supervisor Alan were talking about not taking it out that day, and we checked with Brian Mattura who said yea there’s a bunch of little girls there, so we decided to leave a notice instead of taking it and dropping it on the porch,” said Rockton USPS worker Ryan Runyard.

Once Calvette found the notice Runyard says he gave the post office a call.

“I let him know, and when he came down and seen how it was packaged he was very very appreciative,” said Runyard.

“He doesn’t know me, doesn’t know my daughter, doesn’t know the family, but took the time to care about a little girl on Christmas,” said Calvette. “He absolutely saved my daughters Christmas.”

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