Rock Valley College opens time capsule from 1970

Published: Nov. 23, 2020 at 8:42 PM CST
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Capturing a moment of time from exactly a half-century ago as officials at Rock Valley College pull a time capsule out, and reflect on the history of the school.

“The college has moved ahead it’s changed there are many things the same but the culture has changed,” Former Rock Valley College President Karl Jacobs said.

A tradition 50 years in the making comes to fruition, as officials at Rock Valley College share items that have been stored in a time capsule since 1970.

“I’m here to remove the cornerstone, that was decreed in 1970, that it would be open 50 years later, same day and time,” Rock Valley College President Howard Spearman said.

Behind the cornerstone is a case full of items from 50 years ago, like local news clips, and school newspaper clippings. David Costello is the Director of Communications and Marketing at RVC, he says he enjoyed re-opening the capsule.

“Once in a lifetime opportunity, this came on my radar five years ago during our 50th anniversary I was doing a lot of research into our archives and diving into some of our history,” Costello said. “That’s when I learned about the cornerstone for the first time.”

Costello says he then shifted gears, to figure out what will fill the 2020 time capsule. From the news of our year to student accounts, a flash drive with many files fills the case. One RVC student can’t wait to come back and see the reveal in 2070.

“I am so excited now that I will be here in 50 years,” Rock Valley College Student Trustee Annika Vincent said. “I kind of want to sneak my phone number in the box or something to make sure they can get in contact with me.”

Costello says the capsule will make its way back into the side of the educational resource center, and will not be opened for another 50 years. To see the full list of artifacts from both the 1970 and 2020 time capsule visit Rock Valley Colleges’ website.

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