Northern Illinois suffers severe thunderstorm damages

Winnebago estimates roughly a week of clean-up efforts
Published: Nov. 11, 2020 at 7:55 PM CST
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WINNEBAGO, Ill. (WIFR) - “When I looked out my front window, an entire tree was on my house," said Winnebago resident, Chastity Palm.

Chastity Palm was enjoying Tuesday afternoon with her children, when the Winnebago resident said she sprung into action after seeing what she calls, a tornado, forming on her front lawn.

“The whole house shook. It was just so terrifying," said Palm.

The National Weather Service hasn’t confirmed if the storm produced tornados but the area did see a strong line of storms blowing in from the west, with winds raging up to 73 miles per hour, and hail the size of a half dollar coin.

“There was a lot of trees uprooted that blew over, a lot of damage to houses and buildings completely blew over," said Woodchuck Tree Service Associate, Andy Sharp.

The aftermath of the storm is a burden for many in the community and across Northern Illinois, with some areas of Winnebago still without power, and not a clear idea of when it will turn back on. However, Andy Sharp, Woodchuck Tree Service employee, says that most of the cleanup efforts are being poured into the downtown area.

“Just mainly the heart of Winnebago got hit the hardest," said Sharp.

Clean-up crews and residents will focus their attention on repairing damages but don’t expect a quick fix.

“We were pretty busy to begin with so this will probably put us back about a week, I would say," said Sharp.

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