Rock Co. Clerk defends itself against Election Night conspiracy theory

“This was a media reporting error, not an election system error.”
Published: Nov. 10, 2020 at 4:43 PM CST
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JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) - The Rock Co. Clerk’s Office is pushing back on a conspiracy theory about its vote tally on Election Day.

The office, which runs elections in the county, states its reporting was always accurate and it blamed the error which lit the fuse on the bogus allegation on a quickly fixed error by the Associated Press.

“Rock County’s results were posted accurately. This was a media reporting error, not an election system error,” it stated Tuesday.

The Clerk’s Office pointed out that the erroneous report made it onto Fox News. One of President Donald Trump’s sons also appeared to have tweeted about it two days after the election:

It explained the Associated Press made an error in the way it gathered results from the Rock Co. website. As a result, the results for Joe Biden and President Trump were reversed. An AP correspondent noticed the error and the results were corrected within minutes.

(Disclosure: The Associated Press provided results to NBC15 for statewide and federal elections. As a result, the numbers may have been inverted on our site for that brief period as well.)

The Clerk’s Office also directed people to a fact-checking analysis by Politifact which awarded the claim, its worst rating: Pants on Fire.

According to the Rock Co. Clerk’s Office website, the final results were:

President/Vice PresidentVotesPercentage
Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris46,64954.66%
Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence37,13343.51%
Don Blankenship/William Mohr1520.18%
Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Spike Cohen1,0941.28%
Brian Carroll/Amar Patel1220.14%

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