Jefferson makes adjustments, hosts annual J-Hawk Invite

Published: Oct. 3, 2020 at 8:09 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - There was a much different look and feel at Jefferson High School on Saturday, but school officials were able to pull off a rarity this fall by hosting the 42nd annual J-Hawk Invite. Swimmers and divers from nine schools competed at the meet.

Jefferson made sure to keep the number of people around the pool within IDPH and IHSA guidelines. No spectators were allowed in the stands. Swimmers were brought in through one door near the starting blocks and exited out the other end. Bins were placed on the deck for the swimmers to put their shoes, masks, and towels in. A volunteer would then grab their belongings and bring it to the other side. Once the swimmers were done with their race, they would swim a “cool-down” lap to get to the other end, get out, put their masks and shoes back on, and leave the pool area. Jefferson athletic director Darrin Sisk said the meet was months in the making with planning and talking to head coaches to find out what they were comfortable with.

All-in-all, it was a showcase for the school to put on a meet with multiple teams just three weeks before sectionals.

Team Scores

  1. Byron Co-Op - 316
  2. Hononegah - 258
  3. Guilford - 201
  4. Boylan - 189
  5. Belvidere Co-Op - 122
  6. Harlem - 72
  7. Rockford Christian - 38
  8. East - 7
  9. Jefferson - 1

Individual Event Winners

  1. 50-Yard Backstroke: Gracie Colvin (Hononegah) - 28.40
  2. 200-Yard Freestyle: Molly Ryan (Boylan) - 1:57.94
  3. 200-Yard Individual Medley: Kate Schilling (Byron Co-Op) - 2:13.45
  4. 50-Yard Freestyle: Mikayla Durkin (Guilford) - 25.63
  5. 50-Yard Breaststroke: Ella Gasparini (Guilford) - 32.84
  6. 100-Yard Butterfly: Kate Schilling (Byron Co-Op) - 1:00.49
  7. 100-Yard Freestyle: Molly Ryan (Boylan) - 54.50
  8. 500-Yard Freestyle: Bryn Kiley (Boylan) - 5:32.58
  9. 100-Yard Individual Medley: Ella Gasparini (Guilford) - 1:03.99
  10. 100-Yard Backstroke: Molly Ryan (Boylan) - 1:00.79
  11. 100-Yard Breaststroke: Ella Gasparini (Guilford) - 1:12.02
  12. 50-Yard Butterfly: Elena Kitzman (Hononegah) - 27.56
  13. 1-Meter Diving: Laci Long (Byron Co-Op) - 357.55

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