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Some stay in, while others hit the road
Some stateline residents are changing travel plans and opting for a staycation
Some stateline residents are changing travel plans and opting for a staycation(WIFR)
Published: Aug. 10, 2020 at 6:56 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - With coronavirus concerns growing, many people chose to cancel travel plans, especially to areas where cases are rising. Some say that even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t keep them from getting away.

“Visit our son and daughter in law who live in Bellingham Washington but getting on a plane right now is certainly not something we feel comfortable doing,” said Patty Janicek who canceled her New Orleans vacation.

“Take the precautions that you can, I don’t believe in not living life,” said Rockford Resident Brian Boyer.

Boyer is traveling via motorcycle with his wife to soak in the sights and sounds of the annual Sturgis rally, he says more people joined the ride than canceled.

“There were people that canceled their plans and didn’t come but what has happened is a lot of people who had not planned on coming were just tired and being closed up and got out,” said Boyer.

Hitting the road is one popular option. Scott Sallinger at the north park rental service says Cruise America gave him twice as many motorhomes to rent.

“We’ve seen a great interest in people still wanting to leave their homes in an RV but control where they are going but do it at their choice and at their times,” said Sallinger.

Others chose alternative options for summertime fun, sticking with family activities and staycations that isolate them from the general public.

“We’ve always wanted to keep our state parks in business but we definitely ramped up the state park trips this summer because it’s the only activity where it feels like we live in a normal world, and a safe activity is camping,” said Janicek.

Multiple travel agencies provided statements to 23 news in regard to recent travel trends.

Officials at Chicago Rockford International Airport gave this statement:

“Since March, when there was approximately 15% load capacity on flights to RFD destinations, there has been a steady increase of travelers during the course of the last few months. The July numbers have not been released yet and so we’re unable to provide insight on whether load numbers went up or down during the month.”

Officials with AAA released this statement:

“AAA recognizes that the decision to travel is a personal one. For those who choose to travel, we recommend that travelers understand the impact COVID-19 has on cities and states they are traveling to and through. Travelers should also take note if there are any restrictions in place such as quarantining upon arrival or return home. We also recommend that travelers stay informed and heed all official advisories from state and local officials and follow the prevention guidelines from CDC about wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing.”

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