One Lebanese woman shares her experience during Tuesday’s explosion in Beirut

Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 8:31 PM CDT
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People living in Beirut, Lebanon must rebuild after the gigantic explosion rocked the city this week. It killed at least 135 people, including one american, and left around 5,000 hurt.

Video and pictures show the devastation and aftermath of Tuesday’s explosion in Beirut. Cynthia stood not far from the port where the blast happened.

“It’s heavy, you know. It is still fresh,” said Cynthia.

She was doing business in Beirut when she felt the ground moving beneath her, followed by a loud whistle.

“I said to myself, oh my God this is an earthquake, definitely an earthquake,” said Cynthia. “It lasted 20 seconds and then the blast happened. Towers were suddenly moving as if they were dancing.”

Glass, concrete, and debris fall on top of her head. Though she was hurt, her injuries were minor compared to the ones she saw at the hospital.

"People were, you know, dying in front of me. They were not able to stitch me, because there were no stitches available."

Cynthia says her country has been suffering for years. First war, then Coronavirus, and now the explosion that she referred to as a second Hiroshima.

“I was born in the war and raised with it, but we have never seen anything like this,” said Cynthia.

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