Rockford Community Care: A visitor to Miss Carly’s is rewarded for good deeds

Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 1:07 PM CDT
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“A lot of people who know me, good or bad, know that I am a giver,” Lewis said.

Tyrone Lewis says he’s been in and out of jail for most of his life. Even when he wasn’t able to provide for himself, he was helping others.

“He was asking for 12 lunches and generally, we try to do one lunch per person,” Carly Rice, owner of Miss Carly’s, a community help center said.

Miss. Carly says Tyron was grabbing extra lunches for the kids in his neighborhood since the stay at home order began.

“He was basically sleeping on the floor of someones house taking care of their kids,” Rice said.

Tyrone says he wants to be a positive male role model for his community.

“I talk to them, I help them fix the bikes from Carly’s place,” Lewis said.

Trying to make money he was doing lawn work and chores. Carly heard his story and helped him start a lawn care business. She helped raise money to buy him a lawnmower, business cards, and even started a GoFundMe page so he could buy a car.

“If I need to I would use my bike and put my stuff in a shopping cart. I like to work. I like to sweat. I like to get done and hear a thank you,” Lewis said.

He says Miss Carly's kindness changed his life.

“At first what I was used to was crime and doing bad, but now I listen to voices that tell me I see you doing good,” Lewis said.

Tyron says he is ready to turn a new page in his life and become a successful business man.

“Once I have more, I will be able to do more, and be more of me,” Lewis said.

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