Keeping pets safe during July 4th fireworks

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 6:25 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - While you’re out celebrating this 4th of July don’t forget about your four-legged friends who might not enjoy fireworks.

“You need to know who your dog is and beware of that,” said Telah Garwacki, K9 Junction owner.

The Fourth of July can be a tough time for pets.

“If they are freaked out, don’t leave them that’s when they go through glass windows and doors and you end up losing your pet,” Garwacki said.

But there are some ways to keep them safe and calm. Garwacki says cuddling up next to them isn’t the way to go, it will only allow the behavior to continue

“You don’t want to feed into their fear because if you feed into it then you’re telling them it’s okay to be fearful,” Garwacki said.

Garwacki encourages you to find a way to distract your animal.

“We would put her in a crate, make it dark, turn up the radio to distract her,” Garwacki said.

But Garwacki also suggests calming bones or drops.

“I don’t like medicating dogs but sometimes CBD is just enough to take the edge off,” Garwacki said.

“Our golden rule here is it’s best to talk to your vet,” said Amber Pinnon, Winnebago County Animal Services adoption coordinator.

Pinnon says it’s also important to keep a close eye on your cat or dog.

“A lot of chemicals are around with fireworks. So Make sure lighter fluid is put away and make sure they are not near fireworks and exposed to burns,” Pinnon said.

Pinnon also hopes owners don’t forget about the heat. She says it’s important to monitor how long your pet stays outside.

“We don’t have hair all over our body like a dog or pup would and so it’s important to take that into account,” Pinnon said.

This is a big-time of year when pets go missing so providing your pet with a snug collar with a name tag can make all the difference.

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