Vehicle crime is on the rise

Local police emphasize locking the doors
Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 4:18 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Vehicles in Rockton, Roscoe, and South Beloit are the most recent targets for criminals looking to take advantage of unlocked cars and trucks. Local law enforcement plan to work together to stop it.

“These are crimes of opportunity. If you make it easy for people, that’s what happens,” Rockton Police Chief Stephen Dickson said. “We’re working with Roscoe, South Beloit, and Rockford on these thefts. Some of the vehicles we are recovering are actually coming from out of state.”

Police recommend people protect their vehicle by removing valuable items from the car, locking the doors, and rolling up all windows.

“Keep everything out of view in your car if somebody sees something in your car that is just an invitation for a criminal to break into your car and take it,” Rockford Area Crime Stoppers Coordinator Jeff Stovall said.

“The easiest thing is to lock your car, take the keys out,” Dickson said. “These are not people that are breaking windows and hot-wiring cars, they are taking cars that are unlocked and have the keys in them.”

To attempt to prevent these crimes, police say they will patrol neighborhoods more frequently.

“We do have things in the works, officers will be in the neighborhoods a lot more prevalently and maybe not so noticeably,” Dickson said.

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